Individual Account Opening

Required documents

Valid copy of the following documents:


  • Civil ID for Kuwaitis and residents and national identity to the citizens of the GCC countries.
  • Passport copy for non residents (attested by the legal authorities
    in the country of origin).
  • In case of multi nationality, a copy of the other citizenship carried
    should be provided.
  • In case of delegation to another person to manage the account,
    an official power of attorney or an internal power of attorney from
    the client should be provided.
  • Fill out and sign know your customer form (KYC) for the authorized
    person, in addition to a copy of his identities.
  • Authenticated signature of the client, or the authorized person of
    a local bank in the country of origin in the event that the client can
    not be present at the headquarters of the company.
  • Sign FATCA form by the client (Mandatory for all clients).


Account Opening Form