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Corporate Account Opening

Required documents

Valid copy of the following documents:


  • Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and its amendments “if any”.
  • Commercial registration & company license.
  • For Kuwaiti Companies, civil Id number issued by The Public Authority for Civil Information with authorized signatory
  • Board of directors "To whom it may concern certificate " issued by the official bodies in the country. In addition to a copy of their personal documents for residents, civil Id copy and for non-residents passport copy (With Company Stamp).
  • Authorized signatories "To whom it may concern certificate"
  • issued by the official bodies of the country in addition to signature verification and a copy of their personal documents.
  • List of authorized persons names in addition to a copy of their personal documents.
  • Copy from the Board of Directors approval to open the account and grant the authority to the authorized signatories.
  • In case the company’s activity needs a license from a governmental authority, the license should be provided.
    • (All of the above documents must be attested as original by the embassy of the state of Kuwait in the country of origin, in addition the authorized signatories signatures should be attested from one of the local banks and attesting those documents by the Kuwait Embassy in the country of origin).
  • Fill and sign Authority of money laundering (AML) Questionnaire for Investment Companies and Financial Institutions.
  • Fill and sign Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA) form by the authorized signatory (Mandatory).
  • Fill and sign Entities Questionnaire form for Common Reporting Standards (CRS) form by the authorized signatory (Mandatory) with the form if required.
  • In case of investment funds a copy from the Articles of Association should be available + Prospectus + Fund license or approval for fund establishment + requested documents of the company (Fund Manager).


Account Opening Form