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After you fill and sign the account opening form, KMEFIC customer service staff will verify your form and the required documents, and after the availability of all the required documents the account will be open by creating an account number for you. The system will notify you by sending an email that includes your User ID and account number.
You can login to your account by visiting al-Awsat .com website using your user ID and password that you have chosen when you opened the account.
  • Wire transfer:
    You can transfer amounts from your bank account to any of KMEFIC bank accounts. It is necessary to send the credit and debit advice including your name and your online trading account number to the Customer Service department.
  • K-net Fund Transfer:
    You can fund your online trading account using K-net by login to, then choose K-net fund transfer from banking service drop list and enter the required details to complete the transfer.
  • Cheque Deposit:
    You can fund your online trading account by issuing a cheque in the name of Kuwait and Middle East Financial Investment Company – online trading account or deposit it in one of KMEFIC bank accounts, and send a copy of the cheque and the deposit advice to the Customer Service department, note that collecting the local cheque takes 3 working days.
The minimum amount is 1,000 KD or shares of equivalent value.

You can review your account details by clicking on Portfolio on the main menu bar that shows account holdings in addition to account profit and loss tables as well as statement of all transaction that have been done for any desirable periods by following the below steps:

  • Enter your user name and your password from the main menu bar.
  • Click on Portfolio.
  • Select the market.
  • Choose from the list the required details.
KMEFIC collects the dividends and bonus shares distributed by companies, and deposit them directly in your online trading account on behalf of you.

KMEFIC sends circular to all customers who are eligible to subscribe. If you wish to subscribe, you shall have to fill in and sign the subscription application form and resend it to the Customer Service department. It is necessary to keep the available cash that required for the subscription in your portfolio account, so that the necessary actions will be taken.

Capital Increase Subscription Form

Trading pin that you have gotten when you opened your account with KMEFIC is initially by default the same as your password .and to provide you with the most security system especially when you placing the orders, it is preferred to change your trading pin .the trading pin would be only unable ones you have funded your account.

You can change the trading pin or logging password by clicking on User Preference on the main menu bar then click on the required changes link then follow the rest of the steps.

 -    First Option:
Go to the login side menu in the home page click on” did you forget your password?” which requires you to enter the user name and account number and. Print and sign the request form and send it to the Customer Service department email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to number 0096522252564. Then automatically the system will generate and send a new password to your e-mail.

-    Second Option
Call our call center staff on +96522255555 and ask them to reset your password, the call center staff will make the necessary action .Accordingly; the system will generate and send a new password to your e-mail.

The customer can transfer funds from his/her portfolio account by following one of the two methods:
1.    Electronically by following the below steps:
-    Login by using your user name and password
-    Select banking services from the main menu bar then click on fund transfer then choose the transfer method.

Transfer can be through:

Bank Transfer
-    Enter the amount required to be transferred.
-    Choose the account currency.
-    Choose the transfer method.
-    Enter your trading pin and then confirm.

Issue Cheque Request
-    If you request to issue a cheque before 10:00 AM you will receive it in the same day.
-    If you request to issue a cheque after 10:00 AM you will receive in the next day.

2. Fill the Fund Transfer Request Form:
Fill the form and send it back to our customer service department to process either on fax number +965222 52564 or by e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Withdrawal Funds Form

The client could convert the currency if he desires to trade in different markets other than KSE by following one of the below procedures:
1.    Electronically by following the below steps:
-    Login by using your user name and password.
-    Click on banking services from the main menu bar.
-    Click on currency conversion.
-    Place the amount.
-    Select the currency (from & to).
-    Enter your trading pin, then review and then click on covert now.

2.    Contact the call center
If the client has faced any difficulty to do it online, client may contact the call center at: +965 22255555, or by sending a written request on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If the request has been placed by client before 10:00 a.m. the amount would be credited at his bank account the same day.

If the transfer request was placed after 10:00 a.m., then the amount would be credited in the next day.

In case you wish to close your online portfolio account, you should complete and sign the account closing form, with the necessity to define the method of transferring the account holdings if any.

Account Closing Form - Individuals

Account Closing Form - Corporates

You can place buy or sell order by clicking on Trading on the main menu bar. Buy or sell orders would be subject to various constraints on the type of order. The order that you place should necessarily have the following elements:
- Transaction type (Buy or Sell)
- Ticker symbol of the company
- Order quantity
- Type (Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, Market) along with the necessary details for each
- Duration (Day, Good Till Date) along with necessary details
- You would be asked to review to add your trading pin then review the placed order before the order is finally submitted for trade.

The system after validating the trading PIN and necessary balances in your account (cash balance for buy order and stock availability for sell order) would send it electronically to the market through the authorized broker by KMEFIC. In case the cash balance for buy or stock for sell is not available in your account the system would display appropriate error message and stop further processing.

You will be able to monitor the status of your orders through by choosing the orders status table in the trading list. It will allow you to check the current status of totally executed, partially executed or unexecuted, active orders and cancelled orders that has been placed by you. The order status table will display the buy/sell orders and enable you edit or delete those orders electronically. The order status can be any of the following:

- Pending order: order that exceeds all the compliance requirements, but the received of the order is not yet confirmed by the broker.
- Active order: order received, checked and approved but not yet executed.
- Filled order: order has been implemented in full.
- Cancelled order: order is totally canceled.
- Cancelled pending order: cancellation of order that was sent to the broker, but not yet confirmed by broker.
- Part filled order: order is traded in part while the rest of the quantity still exists till session end or till order expired.
- Cancelled filled order: which were traded in part and cancel the rest of the quantity.
- Rejected order: order rejected by the broker.

The executed order table that exists in the side menu will allow you to view all filled orders during the day.

The quotations list provide you with the details of stocks quotes and traded quantity, so, if you know the stock symbol of the company you desire to trade on, you may to enter it to check the stock prices, order book, trades time and sell of such company. If you don’t know the company’s stock symbol, you can enter the first letter of the company name and system will search for it in the database and provide you with search result. And if you enter the wrong ticker symbol the system will give an error massage.

You can also access the quotes and research in the menu bar to get financial analyst and charts to help you in your decision.

- Client must sign the shares deposit request that is prepared by Customer Service department.
- Valid copy of Civil ID.

- Client must be the sole beneficiary of the shares as a basic condition to process as per Kuwait Stock Exchange rules and regulations.
- Client will sign the shares withdrawal request that is prepared by customer service department.
- Valid copy of CID in additional to the original shares certificate must be submitted.


Market Name


Regular Market













Abu Dhabi
















Saudi Arabia








US Market (in Summer)




US Market (in Winter)




 Note: the time listed in the table above is the local time of the State of Kuwait.


To know more about KMEFIC's fees and expenses you need to be logged in first and then visit the fees and expenses page.

You should be a subscriber to install Alawsat Pro program.

To install your personal copy of Alawsat Pro, follow the below steps:
1.    Click the link Alawsat Pro in the homepage.
2.    Click on download and wait until your computer displays a "Save File" dialog box.
3.    Choose a directory to store the Alawsat Pro program.
4.    After completion of the download process, click on Alawsat pro to start installation of the program.
5.    The program will guide you to finalize the installation successfully.

The account has the following security measure to guard against illegal access and misuse of data.

- SSL 128-bit encryption to protect the data being transfer from Investor to system.
- DMZ Firewalls implementation to protect system data from intruders.
- The user has to login into his account as well as provide his Trading PIN for any trades or funds transferring transactions
- In case the user fails to logout, the session would automatically expire after sometime and he would have to log back again.
- The account holder as well as the administrator would get a security alert if a user attempts to login or trade with a wrong (logon or trading) password thrice consecutively. The session on the browser will expire after the third consecutive failed attempt, and the system will disallow login for the next 30 seconds.
- All password and trading PIN change request would have to be duly authorized by the customer through authentication methods. system can be accessed only by authorized personal via valid User IDs and passwords.