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Security Statement


The account has the following security measures to guard against illegal access and misuse of data:

  • SSL 128-bit encryption to protect data being transferred from the investor to KMEFIC’s system
  • DMZ Firewalls implementation to protect system data from intruders
  • The user has to login into to the account as well as provide the trading pin for any transaction i.e. two passwords for any transaction
  • In case the user fails to logout, the session would automatically expire after sometime and the client would have to log back again
  • The account holder as well as the KMEFIC administrator will receive a security alert if a user attempts to login or trade with a wrong (logon or trading) password thrice consecutively. The session on the browser will expire after the third consecutive failed attempt and the system will disallow login for the next 30 seconds
  • All password and trading pin change request would have to be duly authorized by the customer through a signed document
  • KMEFIC system can be accessed only by authorized KMEFIC personnel via valid user IDs and passwords